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Anna Alati


Awakening the Divine Feminine In Us All

What even is the Divine Feminine?  It is a state of consciousness that is energetically elevated, non-judgmental, ego-diminished, and non-harming being that transcends our regularly operating human mind.

        It is often confused that only women should be concerned with feminine energy and this is a misconception. Both men AND women need a proper balance of masculine and feminine energy in order to gracefully navigate the world and intra-personal relationships. Any gender/sexual orientation can identify with Divine Feminine energy. Tapping into this energy is how we enter the path to our higher, more aware, happier, and more fulfilled selves.

How do we awaken this feminine energy?


It is immensely freeing when we allow ourselves to be fully immersed in how we currently feel rather than try and quiet it. The only way out is through. If you do not completely move through something, it will resurface over and over. Once you move through what needs to be felt and learned, you will level up and move onward and upward.


You know your gut feeling? Listen to it. Maybe you aren’t ready to act upon what it is trying to tell you (for example, if you are dating someone you know you shouldn’t and have a nagging feeling in your stomach making you feel it isn’t right-it isn’t. But, maybe you aren’t ready to end it right away.. and that is ok), but do not tell that voice it is wrong. It is here to guide you towards your best and most true life.


You do not always need to be action driven and “hard”. Lean into your warmth and compassion and understanding. It is possible to be a boss AND gentle at the same damn time.

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