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Anna Alati


Become a Client

    Anna will intuitively lead you on an other-worldly journey to your innermost self that will alter the course of your existence: spiritually, mentally, monetarily, and/or physically. Because you are taking this time to cultivate a deep understanding of yourself and your truth, there will be a marked “before and after” pertaining to your life with your and Anna’s name etched together into the marker.

    As you work with Miss Alati more throughout the coming months, you will begin to connect more authentically with yourself and in turn with those around you, personally and professionally. You will naturally operate from a space of love, light and acceptance, create an unshakable sense of self, and become equipped with all the necessary tools to not only enjoy and excel in life but become a radiating example of truly living in oneness with everything around you.

services include

the ability to remain grounded and centered in the midst of navigating life

~ lovingly and gently calling you out on your shit

~ optional emphasis on physcial transformation with weekly Alati Method sessions (either in person or via Skype)

~ eliminating excuses for negative behavior patterns and channeling this energy towards building your power

~ access to and appointments made by Anna with her talented network of creatives and healers astrologers, multi-modality healers, crystal healers, physical trainers, acupuncturists, etc.

~ intuitively scheduled phone conversations depending upon situations and needs of client

~ tarot readings / natal chart direction and incorporation of information into your
daily life

~ reading and resources that pertain to your area of self-work in which you’re wanting to embark upon with Anna’s guidance

~ chakra alignment / crystal and sound healing

contact Anna for further information

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