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Anna Alati


Five Ways To Transition Into
a Healthier Lifestyle 

1. Water

I cannot stress the importance of adding more water into your life. Some of the benefits include: flushing out toxins from your system, weight loss, clear and radiant skin (um yes honey), energy boosting, headache remedy…and the list goes on. Drinking water is an easy and manageable way to begin your health journey. I recommend just carrying a huge water bottle with you at all times and refilling it throughout the day. Penta water is my preferred bottled water company. Just make sure your water is filtered in order to eliminate additional toxins from entering your system. Aim for about 2 liters a day which is 8 8-ounce glasses. Add some lemons, oranges, cucumbers, berries, mint, or basil to spice things up a bit if drinking plain water is dreadful to you.

2. Coconut Oil

Now I’m sounding like every other person on the internet. People are all about it for a reason. Cooking with it adds amazing flavor, is safe to cook with at a high temperature, and truly makes you glow from the inside out. I also use it to remove my eye makeup and moisturize my skin. Make sure it’s extra virgin, unrefined and cold pressed. Dr. Bronner’s is my favorite.

3. Sleep

But not too much. You consistently need 6-8 hours of sleep depending on how you are as an individual. Young people love to say “I’ll sleep when I’m dead”…well guuurrll I’m sleeping now because I like to feel like the best version of myself and sleep is integral to that. Get some nice sheets and a nice pillow and make your bed a place you love and can truly rest in. Enjoy.

4. Walk

Move, move, move. Getting into fitness is a little bit of a process if you are starting at a place of being pretty much inactive. Literally walk out of the door and go on a 30 minute walk. Really every single day. Your body was created to move. When you are on your walk you can call people you love, appreciate the beauty around you, take time to yourself, and listen to some kick ass music.

5. Quit Sugar

Bye bitch! You didn’t love me anyway. But for real. Sugar is the enemy of your being. Especially artificial sweeteners. I have seen the biggest difference in my body and general well being after cutting sugar almost entirely out of my diet. I am human so sometimes I do have some dessert but other than that, I am really good about staying away. Eating sugar just causes you to want more sugar…it’s a slippery slope, you get it. Your skin will clear up, your energy will improve, and you will lose fat from your body. Trust.

Good luck, ya’ll. Start the journey of being the best you, it will be the best thing you have ever done. love + light,

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