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Anna Alati


Chakras 101: Unlocking Alignment

In this course we will cover what Chakras are, why understanding them is so vital for our overall well-being + wholeness, what it looks/feels like when they are balanced, what it looks/feels like if they are over or under-active, and how we reach a place of flow within ourselves through accessible and simple tools of balancing these energetic centers within us. This course is meant to empower you and simplify the seemingly complex world that the Chakras are. You will walk away with a significantly deeper understanding of self and definitive steps forward on your path. The attitude of this is breezy, enlightening, and light-hearted. Truly looking forward to doing this intro together. This information has changed my life big picture and how I do things day to day; I cannot wait to hear how these bits of ancient wisdom transform your world.


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