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Anna Alati


What Is Spirituality
To Me?

        Spirituality to me is the energetic space I CHOOSE to occupy as I navigate this weird world. My spiritual practice is anything that makes me feel CONNECTED TO THE SOURCE. What do I mean by that? The source is the space of oneness. The space where we realize that every single being on this planet is one in the same. We are made up of the same matter and we all come from and most likely go to the same place. As children, we only know love, acceptance, and curiosity in our hearts. Judgment, hatred, disconnection, and a fearful, negative attitude are traits we pick up as society is able to sink its claws into us. My spiritual practice takes me back to my place of living with a child-like energy. Of walking around with love in my heart and compassion towards others because that is genuinely how I feel. My spiritual practice brings me to a place of being able to be content in the present moment, and it reminds me that the past and future are merely thoughts, not facts…and they certainly are not the present moment, so why be hung up on them?
        What works for me varies and I play around with many different modalities because I am a seeker. My breath always works. Taking a moment to close my eyes, taking a deep inhale and surrounding my heart with this fresh breath and letting my belly expand and, sloooowly releasing my breath (either mouth or nose is fine, whichever you prefer) and allowing my chest to gently fall and return to neutral. This simple exercise centers me and brings me back to my present moment so quickly and effectively. Please remind yourself that YOU and you only are the master of your destiny as well as present reality. We control our thoughts and the way we respond to things. The breath puts everything into perspective. No matter how fucked something seems or how desperate you are to figure out a solution (we humans love ‘solutions’), the breath reminds us to return to the basics. One step at a time. You can and will handle anything, be sure to do it with kindness and grace.

            Yoga, my fitness method I’ve curated, Tarot, crystals, prayer, and essential oils are some other tools I use to help bring me back to the basics of love, faith, and trust in the process that things ALWAYS work out for the best, even if we cannot make any sense of it at the time.

Repeat this mantra:
Faith over fear. Faith over fear.
Faith over fear. Faith over fear.

           In any given situation, we can take a faith-based approach or fear-based one. Faith is us coming from our hearts and trusting that things work out, trusting that everything that happens TO us is actually happening FOR us. Fear is all ego and it is coming from a lack mentality. It is based off of the misconception of scarcity and comes from a place of control, rather than trust. ACTIVELY CHOOSE to live in your heart and operate from that space of beauty. Invest in yourself and your expansion by reading, attending classes, and being an active participant in your personal growth. When you tap into your light, you spread it around everywhere and quite literally change the lives of people you meet every single day. Now isn’t THAT a muhfuckin super power? In essence, spirituality to me is being the light and love I so wish to feel, see, and experience in this world.

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